SAW small animal panel

Acceptance of their respective food plays an important role for small mammals, just as it does for cats and dogs. A low acceptance level, in comparison to competitors’ products, lowers the repurchasing rate and therefore has a negative impact on sales volumes.

The food is subjected to an objective test using suitable methods. Measurement results and additional assessments by the animal owners disclose strengths and possible weaknesses of the food.

Because food assessments by the animal owners play such an important role, we incorporate the “feeding persons” into our tests. How do animal owners perceive the feeding behaviour of their animals? How do they assess appearance, quality or smell of the test products?

In general, the test methods used for small animals are the same as those used for cats and dogs. However, adjustments relating to the characteristics of small animals are essential, for example with respect to feeding behaviour, feeding time and food quantity. In comprehensive tests, we have adapted our methods to suit rabbits and guinea pigs.


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