An overview of our services

  • Execution of in-home pal tests for cat, dog and small animal food, snacks,
    litter and much more
  • Advice regarding test method selection, tailored to the product characteristics and question formulation
  • Measurement of product acceptance by animals and humans
  • Opinion and preference analysis of animal owners
  • Product tests on the SAW panel or creation of exclusively utilised expert panels (long-term studies)
  • Recruitment and training of households– also target groups which are difficult to access, e.g. users of brands with small market share
  • Development of survey documents (record sheets, questionnaires, instruction materials etc.)
  • Portioning of test products and blinding of packaging
  • Postage of test products and/ or personal visits in the households
  • Plausibility check, data capture and
  • Statistical analyses, reports and result graphs, which are appropriate for presentations
  • Consultation, recommendations for action and benchmarking
  • Test execution with short lead times


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